Food for thought:

(This is an excerpt from a blog I wrote about the growing conflict in the clinical diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and how it relates to CCSVI,  trauma,Chlamydia pneumoniae,vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other causal factors in both MS and  CCSVI.)745056-fig2Probiotics_Info_from_siteshapeimage_9SpirochetesEx2[1]

Now that Lyme has become a hot topic, people are demanding better testing facilities. A fair number of people previously diagnosed with MS have learned they have Lyme Disease. That is another factor in the growing suspicion that MS as it is globally defined, is not a disease at all but rather a term used to pigeon hole people into a generic box of symptoms. Interestingly enough, some of these people also have CCSVI and been treated successfully with angioplasty.

This has been a fascinating puzzle for me but I have finally come to make some sense of it. Most venous anomalies are congenital, not to be confused with hereditary. Ten people can be bitten by ticks who harbor the spirochetes that cause Lyme disease. Statistically speaking less than half of them will actually develop the disease, other health issues not withstanding. We are beginning to get a clearer picture of “MS” with in depth review of the facts we have learned about CCSVI over the past several years. The narrow view that CCSVI is confined to PwMS has been blown out of the water. Some patients with other neurological disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s disease meet the criteria for CCSVI also. It’s no wonder that people are confused by the diverse laundry list of symptoms among those in the MS community.

2 thoughts on “Food for thought:

  1. come volevasi dimostrare, perché la CCSVI non è SM ma un anuova patologia di cattiva o pessima circolazione venosa tra la Testa ed il Cuore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quindi,abbraccia, dall’Emicrania a malattie multiple e anche rare !! e, da qui, la fortissima opposizione dalle case farmaceutiche, ai medici, in primis neurologi, prichiatri ed oncologi !!!, ai poteri di Stato super corrotti fino all’ultimo dipendente , tipo infermiere !!

  2. From the start of my Nursing Creer c. 30 years ago, I have never accepted that MS was anything other than a Collection of symtoms… utterly diverse but with some copmmon features. Commonfeatures clearly don’t meanits the same disease.. it is what Doctors refer to as ‘Differential diagnosis’. Two diferential diagnoses of MS are; B12 deficiency adn Tertiary SYPHILIS. How it came to be people talk about MS CCSVI in MS when the latter is a set of symptoms has always been beyond me. Similarly why people (docs ) refer to CCSVI as a distinct disprder from ‘Venous Insufficiency’ when clearly oit IS MERELY Vebnous Insuficiency affecting the Central Nervous System. That what NeuroSyphilis is … JUST SYPHILIS in the CNS affectiong the Central Nerbous System.

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