Vitamin K and CCSVI

Supplements are a hot topic for those of us with MS/CCSVI. Someone recently asked a question about Vitamin K as Terry Wahl’s recommends kale and other leafy green vegetables as necessary for a proper diet.

There are three types of Vitamin K:

1. K-1: this is found in leafy green vegetables like kale. It goes to the liver and helps control blood clotting.

2. K-2: this one is made by the bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. Instead of the liver, it goes to blood vessel walls, bones and tissues.

3. K-3: is synthetic. It is potentially harmful and should be avoided. It can be toxic and is not the Vitamin K we need at all.

The important things to remember is that K-1 plays a part in blood clotting only. Kale is rich in K-1 and therefore a person with Hughes Syndrome (“sticky blood”) or CCSVI should limit their intake of leafy green vegetables. They do not have to be eliminated in your diet but shouldn’t be the mainstay of your diet.

K-2 is an essential vitamin that keeps bones healthy and arteries clear. It helps to prevent cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease.

It has been shown through a study published in the Journal Science 2 that Vitamin K-2 helps maintain normal mitochondrial dysfunction. This is found in Parkinson’s disease. I would think that fact alone would make it an important consideration for those of us with MS/CCSVI.

If you take Vitamin D-3, then you need to take Vitamin K-2 also. Interestingly enough people who have suffered Vitamin D toxicity were found to be lacking in Vitamin K-2. There have never been a report of K-2 toxicity.

Symptoms of Vitamin K deficienciesfotolia_1769164_XSimages

  • Nosebleeds,
  • Abnormally bleeding gums
  • Heavy menstruation
  • Blood in the urine or stool
  • A deficiency can also be caused by long term antibiotic use. Antibiotics can kill the bacteria I mentioned earlier in the gastrointestinal tract which produce Vitamin K-2.

Some causes of vitamin K deficiency are:

  1. Cystic fibrosis
  1. Chronic malnutrition
  2. Celiac disease
  1. Bariatric surgery
  1. Removal of part of the intestines
  1. Alcoholism

Some herbal creams help lighten redness caused by broken blood vessels and helps to prevent burn scars.

Linda Rousay

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