Big Pharma Strikes Again & Again..

Pharmaceutical companies run the most profitable business in the United States. It is the only Western country where direct to consumer advertising for drugs is allowed. They invent physical and mental illnesses to provide medications for them. Prescription drugs are now the first leading cause of accidental death, more than all automobile accidents combined. We consume 60% of the world’s prescription drugs. The use of depression medications has increased 400% in the past two decades. For all their protestations to the contrary, physicians are wined and dined to endorse the drug companies’ products. Kickbacks and under the table payments are made every day to the doctors whom we entrust our lives and that of our spouses and children.

Seraquel is the leading drug prescribed for Bi-Polar disorder yet it takes 49 seconds to list the possible side effects, some fatal. Yet it earned a whopping 4.4 Billion dollars last year. One in Five Americans take at least one prescription medication a day for mental disorders.
Adderall which technically is legal “speed” is prescribed daily to children for ADHD. Marijuana is far safer than Adderrall for adolescents .

In addition, the FDA sworn to protect us from Big Pharma are in their back pocket: